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"The beauty of working for a variety of clients allows me to recalibrate my skills and shift my outcome to help others."


With the high demands of any position, Michelle quickly adapts well to her working environment.  She recognizes her areas of weakness and strives to improve them, or learn from them.  She expresses her concerns with any issues to her supervisors when need be.  If she is presented with a challenge, she doesn't brush it off, but faces it head on and succeeds with the task at hand.  Michelle openly volunteers to do menial tasks, as she knows that even the smallest of responsibilities that can be done will help the team over-all. 


Though some tasks that she's  assigned to seems to be overwhelming to some, she carefully examines the whole picture and plans the most productive and efficient way to complete it by deadline and still maintains the highest of quality output as possible. Most often, Michelle heads off problems before they become too great of an issue, rather than adjusting to last-minute mistakes. 


Michelle's positive “Can-Do” attitude has been referred to as a breath of fresh air by her coworkers, and has been recognized on several occasions for being easily approachable and calm during the peak of stressful moments.  She gets along with all of her superiors and co-workers maintaining harmonious camaraderie and never initiate conflicts with anyone.


With regard to her list of job duties, if noticing any issues that could be resolved by doing something differently than what has been done before, she brings it to the attention of her supervisor to take it under advisement, (ie: preparing and saving PDF files differently to insert into InDesign, or saving a PDF document as a Word document). Michelle utilizes her time wisely during slow periods, as she believes there is always some sort of work that can be done.


Michelle's skill set continues to be fluid as she develops her knowledge and experience with many differing aspects of the company.  Her dedication to the job includes staying late and working on the weekends or even holidays.


Areas of accomplishment at Michelle's present employer include:

  • Introduced the company to an alternative form of communication via GoToMeeting, which is slowly growing company-wide as the preferred method to conduct meetings outside of the host location

  • Earned the trust and respect of superiors by proving she is a capable and dedicated employee, having delegated personal projects for me to complete

  • Successfully worked with her Team on a multitude of Proposals to get them done and submitted, and on some, won the bid

  • Stepped outside the norm and gone out of her way to help her coworkers

  • Continue a variety of daily and weekly job duties

  • More recently, took on the task of organizing and logging archived internal proposal binders, and also cleaned up the entire company Resume database

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